Q Life2(Positive Vibes)

May 02, 2020 Mark/Paul Season 1 Episode 4
Q Life2(Positive Vibes)
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Quarantine life(staying positive)

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spk_0:   0:00
Hello. Welcome to another episode on Always Game for Life Podcast, where we all come together and help make mental health of reality. Because life is always game for us. So let's be always came for late. I hope everybody staying safe and healthy both physically and mentally. But before we get started, we'd like to take a moment and give a huge warm thank you to all the essential workers out there all around the world doing an amazing job. You all have our deepest gratitude. Thank you. And we love you. Without further ado, this is Paul night talking a bit about quarantine, life and life after quarantine. Oh, and don't forget hit up iTunes and other platforms and subscribe. It helps the show. Great. Me and we appreciate it very much. Oh, and check it. Online store. I think he's in description. Hey, brother, what's that, man? How you doing?

spk_1:   0:58
Um, I'm holding up pretty good. You know, I'm getting a little depressed over this whole quarantine thing, but at least I'm still kind of actively out there and central services still working, but ah, you know, even just being isolated for the weekend here, it's It's It's, you know, been a little rough. But how are you dealing with things, Mark?

spk_0:   1:19
Yeah, I feel you, man. Ah, I'm all right. You know, I've been just trying to keep myself busy. Um, learning more and more as a goal, especially with this and this show and the software and playing a lot of years for, um, watching movies, working out.

spk_1:   1:39
Yeah. It's important to try to keep fit when you're you're isolated at home so much these days. And, you know, I've been, ah, trying to follow a little bit on the reports and some of the specials they've had in the Colvin coverage, their global and what not? And you know what? I think there's a fairly positive somewhat look like they're going to try to open things up. Saunas. People kind of are responsible and still try to look at the long term social distancing, not putting high risk individuals kind of in a contamination scenario. And like from what I heard, it's it's quite possible we even get a camping season this year and efficient season. So this is this is some some positive stuff that's got me kind of looking forward to the rest of summer and Ah, yeah, um, what's been on your mind lately?

spk_0:   2:30
Why? Don't know. They How do you How do you feel about that? Let you do you feel that it It could be, you know, too soon, you know, to be opening stuff. And, you know,

spk_1:   2:41
well, I gotta be honest with the mark. I am actually getting quite concerned some of the numbers, like locally. We had a couple poultry facilities that had contamination, popped our new cases. I'm close to 100 last week, and it seems like they got it pretty well under control. But you know, who knows who those workers have been in contact with and what we're gonna see in coming weeks. And when I'm getting reports today out of, ah, you know, kubek and whatnot where they're, you know, approaching like, you know, hundreds multiple, hundreds of new cases a day, and it's it's starting to look like in some areas. It is not quite on the downward trend. And, you know, beginning the last week, I was thinking we had things pretty well wrapped up here, but ah, you know, I'm just praying that we don't really get hit with heard Second way. Even things start toe reopen up in a timely fashion, and we can get back to a semi normal nous. There was an interview on Global with Dr Bonnie there last week, and you know, she's been up quite a bit lately, and from the looks of what they're kind of announcing that it might take several months until wait till next year before they're really equipped to fight this fire. So we just got a guy. Stay, focus and keep defensive, keep healthy and just not put people that are going to get critically ill from this at risk of exposure.

spk_0:   4:08
Yeah, so gloomy. I mean, that's that's very, very important, you know, like, you know, we may get it or have it, but, you know, I don't even know it.

spk_1:   4:19
Well, that's what I've

spk_0:   4:20
heard. Scary part 22 weeks to show symptoms. Exactly. So you won't even know.

spk_1:   4:25
And I I really think the key is that if you get exposed to it, you do everything in your power to fight it off with any oxidants. You know, get rest and, you know, do everything you came with. Like heat treatments like you know, I've even been taking hot showers, thinking like, you know, it possible that the steam can help, like especially hot water running over my eyes and drinking lots of hot liquids and just, you know, constantly using mouthwash and disinfecting with rubbing alcohol as much as I can, and then just washing hands like regular. All these steps so far of thankfully kept me healthy and everybody in our household healthy, so,

spk_0:   5:06
yeah, for sure, man to you know what I gotta be thankful on. Duh. Where were quite blessed in this position? I have to say I mean, you know, even I mean, go figure now. We got the vegetables. Fruits, man, we have state dinners. You know, I got to be thankful you don't tell my blessings. And, uh, man, it's rough out there for many, many many are lose. And, you know, I couldn't imagine,

spk_1:   5:37
but I know I'm really looking forward to getting a little dirty this summer, and I want to get out there and have a campfire again.

spk_0:   5:43
Oh, well, he's

spk_1:   5:44
not too hot when we get banned from my you know, I

spk_0:   5:48
think I'm dying for fire Man.

spk_1:   5:51
One thing I was actually kind of concerned over when Ah, was I was watching the Global special report last week. I believe it was our minister of ah, transportation or travel. And he said that Ah, you know, Canada's policy is to keep the borders between, like, provincial borders open. And when you look a how bad the outbreak is And like the Toronto wary and stuff like, it concerns me that ah, people travel cost country. I think everybody really used to be vigilant over the coming months and, you know, go out a little bit, enjoy some stuff, but try to stay close to home and don't to. And they try not to spread the virus into small, high risk communities that air up in the interior and whatnot. If you go and you go on a camping trip or fishing trip, make sure you're equipped when you leave and try to have this little contact with, you know, people that live in the local areas. And, you know, be smart about your exposure.

spk_0:   6:56
Yeah, I definitely definitely, man. So what kind of, um, precautions you take, like I know. Obviously your essential. So you you know you're at work.

spk_1:   7:07
Well, I tried to go. Oh my Ah, personal protective equipment daily. I actually wear safety goggles. I've heard that we can get exposure in our eyes. And of course, breathing is a big issue. I've watched him videos on ah, the water drop, at least from people's breath and especially in confined berms. When you you breathe fairly deeply. There are micro droplets that come from your breath that can float in the air for up to an hour, and one person actually is exposed to Corona, and it's it's in your breath. Everybody in the room can be breathing it in, so that's where the mass come as a key thing. Not only do they stop you from breathing in the virus, but if you happen to be, in fact it and don't know theoretically, when you're exhaling your breath, the virus will get caught in the fibers of the mass cannot be released into a room. So it's really important when we open up that people go out into public places wearing the mass and just try to, you know, be smart, like, you know, don't touch objects and start rubbing your face and and just keep washing your hands and we'll get through this together. And it's just a really key that we keep it localized toe where it is currently and isolated. It's when we get out and we start spreading it to other communities. You know, it doesn't take much for to, you know, just just taken eight into another control situation. And hopefully what they say is curable to sunlight, killing the virus and heat killing the virus. We should be having a nice, hot, sunny summer. So I I really think it's a good idea for people to get outside daily and just try not to have lots of contact with people. But the outdoor life is still good. Like being confined in your house isn't isn't healthy? No. We want to keep everybody healthy. We want to keep everybody happy. Yeah, it's not getting together in large groups.

spk_0:   9:16
Yeah, even if you have a yard or what, not you in the backyard. And the son? No, just oak side.

spk_1:   9:23
Yeah, like I walked around my block today a little bit playing some augmented reality game.

spk_0:   9:28
Oh, yeah. I

spk_1:   9:29
was kind of Ah, skeleton for some mushrooms. Seeing some shaggy means out there and stuff.

spk_0:   9:34
Anything happened? Ah, there. There were

spk_1:   9:36
a couple kind of vote there, and, you know, I really didn't pick any to eat. A couple were actually already pastor their prime, and I went looking for some fiddleheads up in the local ravine and actually, lots of the firm's or actually, you know, past the fiddlehead stage there, Well up now, starting to grow vibrantly. So, you know, spring has sprung and things air getting into motion out there.

spk_0:   9:59
So, yeah, I just wanted wet lying and fish again, man, you know, like I think it's it's a good

spk_1:   10:09
time for people to get out there and experience smoked or activity. So, like, you know, things you could do safely. Now you can get on your bicycle, you know, get over on the electric scooter roller blade. And, you know, just just try to be mindful of, you know, areas with with lots of people and, you know, just keep your distance and everybody should stay healthy. It's it's just, you know, when you're you're getting into this close quarter scenario is that's you. Make sure your protective equipment on and and you sterilise even if people around you don't look like they're showing symptoms.

spk_0:   10:42
Oh, yeah, for sure. No. Well, I'm looking forward to the after Corentin life. I want I want to like I mean, we died like salmon coming here, We'll assume.

spk_1:   10:59
Well, I was looking at some of the local reports, and I was tempted just to get in the car and drive out to chillax today and get down to the river's I hear people are pulling in a steelhead. The cut throats are starting to run up the river. And from what I hear, there's people out there doing the spring sturgeon fishery as well and driving around the phrase or locally. I've seen boats over on numerous occasions. I'm not quite sure what they're hooking into. It looks like they're setting up for a sturgeon.

spk_0:   11:27
I want to go with sturgeon, but yeah, I could be wrong, but I think I'll go. Is sturgeon on that one on the river set up on boat and you? Yeah,

spk_1:   11:36
well, as far as I know that the salmon are completely closed on the freeze it right now, so he can't be holding and ah, but ah, like I say, the cut throats are running So you go down there and still, you know, go for the troll.

spk_0:   11:51
Nice. Yeah, you might have to do that. You're finding area that, you know, it's it's social distancing, I think, you know, in the wild. And we have our own fishing spot. I'm not, You know, it's not crowded.

spk_1:   12:07
Yeah, I've been meaning up to a local tackle store and just talk with some of the guys up there and see what they are going on. And, you know, if they're offering any guided tourist currently, but just trying to do my part to and and isolate and stay at home, and, you know, I don't really plan on going out immediately, so I don't need to go up there, and I'm not going to go up there. Just ask question.

spk_0:   12:30
Know for sure for sure. Now we'll wait for that, but will definitely do that. Yeah. Yes, definitely. So you're you're talking earlier that they're actually talking about Ah, we could have a camping season because I heard before I think it was maybe I don't know. It said we could go talks. They said, or even more. They said, just no camp in seizing this year that they can't see it.

spk_1:   12:59
Yeah, when Ah, they were doing a special report last week. They said they were going to try to go across all sectors equally, and it's going to shut down lots of the large gatherings like the PNE. Obviously, that's not gonna happen.

spk_0:   13:16
Of course, you

spk_1:   13:17
know a lot. Lots of the sporting kind of scenario. Understand there's two large gatherings, but other and that when they start to open up businesses and they're allowing, like, you know, kind of, ah, you know, provincial travel and what not? They're going to allow camping and other kind of recreational activities, like going to the local parks and whatnot. But they want people to really be smart about how they conduct themselves like don't go out there and large groups. And don't expose yourself to seniors. If you're actively going out into the communities, just t keep them safe because there there are hiring people really anybody that's hide any kind of, you know, a terminal illness, or if they're they're, you know, senior citizens, they they're gonna have a life threatening experience with this growing if they get exposed. So everybody's gotta, you know, be smart about things and really protect them, and we got to try to protect them by protecting ourselves and being smart.

spk_0:   14:24
Yeah, that's for sure. Mine, that's crazy. But we'll definitely get through this man like, you know, I I am. I'm trying to have fees, trying to be positive. Um, of course I'm human. It's six hard. I'm sure it's hard for all you know, on my on my and it's really hard. Um, I haven't been year hard to my Children since February. I'm so looking forward for the moment I could put my arms around him again, but a little come.

spk_1:   14:58
Yeah, hopefully you know, sooner and later. I know that was one thing they were discussion discussing in the special report remembers people planning weddings and stuff. And how are they gonna have gatherings and stuff for this summer? And the basic responses, like, if you're having any kind of special event like that and you want to celebrate it, do it very little key with just a few close family members. And then, if you wanna have a big celebration for your first anniversary next year, you're going to be able to invite people from other countries, not a town to come a participate because they expect to be much more well equipped to be able to handle this. But we all just got a kind of, you know, suck it up right now and stay as isolated as we can.

spk_0:   15:43
Yeah, I definitely definitely Ivan just trying to my bowman. Um, I have to say, I haven't been, you know, in my car and out of this, you know, block out of this owes in probably 20 3 24 days. Now, I don't know, I lost count. Um, I've been outside, but I haven't been, like away

spk_1:   16:07
and that that's a good thing to see. You know, we need to hear more of that. I know there's, ah, lot of people back east, that air kind of protest ing this whole kind of confinement thing, and they're trying to get out there and go against the rules. And, yeah, we really gotta bind together, and you know, if if you don't have to go, it's not essential. And just resisting years, don't be selfish and, you know, rece cavernous, carry on longer and ask, Do I know? I've been looking Ah, lots of the economy in the last, you know, a couple weeks and ah, you know things, Aaron. Riel. Turmoil like oil prices, air going haywire. They're like, you know, cos air looking at major layoffs, shutdowns and,

spk_0:   16:49
oh, you know,

spk_1:   16:50
everything's doing it. A huge kind of, you know, it's flipped rate over right now. And it's, you know, where is this gonna all end up been, you know, six months to a year that we're just getting through the first quarter kind of, you know, the Covic shut down and and hopefully it doesn't extend into the, you know, second half of the year. Really? Ah, make an irreversible kind of, ah, scenario. It's It's, you know, it's some, like, unprecedented in history. Oh, absolutely. Modern history. Anyway, in the

spk_0:   17:25
absolute Yeah, yeah, definitely. So, what other things do you do to keep is your man? We work, but, like, on your off and, yes, isolation time.

spk_1:   17:40
Well, you know, I'm I'm kind of disappointed myself over this weekend. I really took more kind of relax ation time. And, you know, I didn't get its fully active as I should have

spk_0:   17:52
no disappointed that relaxing time once in a while you know I liked.

spk_1:   17:56
I like to keep the ball moving and even when I'm sitting at home kind of, you know, just in isolation. I still like to try to be planning ahead for things and, you know, it's it's like this is a good time to try to ah, you know, pulled the old map books and do some research and and figure out places a person wants to go. I've been on Facebook a little bit, trying to look up lost and forgotten gold mining towns.

spk_0:   18:24
Hell, yes,

spk_1:   18:24
and and I'm trying to put together a list of places that can actually get to and, you know, be able tow to share with everybody and and and kind of bring back a little bit of the for gotten history of our province because it's it's a pretty colorful, rich history and the old, you know, gold rush these and and there's other stuff. I want to kind of make people aware, too, that you know, like this is this a supernatural BC we got, ah, you know, wonders of the world rate in our backyard, and it's it's something Mum want to be able to share with everybody. And we're going to take an in depth look at, you know, stuff that's already discovered and trying. Teoh make people more aware of what's out there, what they can experience for themselves.

spk_0:   19:13
Oh, absolutely. So much beauty over there. That's what I'm waiting for. I want get to some of these ghost towns and some of these minds. Man, That'll be so cool. There's probably so many out there that they probably don't even know listed. Like I have been reading a lot about it inside. Wow, there is so much hotel, man.

spk_1:   19:39
Yeah, I still actually got to get out there and, ah, get my free minor certificate for this summer. And maybe they will even go stake a little clean with their just to play around a little bit And, uh,

spk_0:   19:50
having fun, man, definitely.

spk_1:   19:52
Yeah, and like like, there's lots of things that I want to get out there and explore, like, you know, some of the, you know, natural caves over on the island. I know there's fossil deposits up by Harrison. I've seen Ah, you know, old need of peons on rock fees is in the past, and I look forward to ah Seymour in the future? Absolutely. And there's, you know, there's just so much outdoor adventure that we could get with their experience from, you know, white water rafting to, you know, snowshoeing up at Whistler. And, you know, there's activities we were going to get out there, and I we're just waiting decay be released, at least from our home prison.

spk_0:   20:34
No, no, man, I haven't really looking forward to, you know, I'm trying to do everything that what helps but like my mother before to suppressing some of the, you know, the anxiety and depression and what not from all this, you know, get back to the old doors and that that's where I feel comfortable. And being anxiety just simply just doesn't exist. You know? I feel I feel home relaxed. Yeah, And also in the evenings, I've been utilizing a new meditation of man. It's called Sleep Booster. I've been using a little over a week now. Some of the benefits have experienced so far better sleep waking up in the morning more refreshed, a truly believe that it hopes me and came mental health man. And I recommend it.

spk_1:   21:24
Ah, sleep booster. It sounds interesting. Haven't really tried much meditation in the past. And I know my niece. She does someone, her, your classes. I might ah, look into it. I think there's, ah few things I want to do just around our local home to kind of bring bring nature home to us a little more to like, I got some ideas for putting up some bird feeders in the backyard, and we got a little garden starting now. What? They're mostly just blueberries right now, And I might centralize my bonds. Ayotte there. Oh, yeah, but ah, you know, we we can still do things to kind of bring a little bit of nature here, Teoh.

spk_0:   22:03
And Oh, And you also said you had some Saskatoon. I think it was, wasn't it?

spk_1:   22:07
Yeah, I have a little Saskatoon bush. It struggles in the harder mentis summer, but I think I got it kind of protected. Ah, nice little sheltered area now, So maybe ah may actually get some fruit off this year. It's it's pretty. Yeah, they're they're really prominent. Open the prairies and they don't do too good here on the Pacific Northwest. But I've actually seen a few wild specimens out there before. So they they are here. They're just not as ah, no. Yeah. Many, as they are in the prairies

spk_0:   22:40
have to say, though not many beat the Huckleberry the Huckleberry there but have

spk_1:   22:46
acquired taste. But you go up into North Vancouver on the mountains there. And you can ah, you can pick them by the bucketful Pretty easy. Well, yeah. I even like going out for the BlackBerries when they come opened. I I like the European and the trailing a little more than the standard Himalayan, which we find mostly,

spk_0:   23:10
You know what I haven't seen in a while? Like I've seen lots of blackberries. Um, you know, in recent times I've seen the salmon Berries and

spk_1:   23:18
went well, I was actually down by, ah, Rochester Park there today going for a walk. And I know that they had a couple small salmon berry bushes put up, and I've seen them quite prevalent down by Hume Park in the past. And they, you know, they're there in small, isolated areas, usually right by streams, but

spk_0:   23:39
okay, so they're closer to the waters.

spk_1:   23:42
Yeah, quite often. That's where we find them and a lot of our local parts they've been kind of Ah, you know, maintained. And a lot of the plants have been actually placed there to try to have kind of a natural setting. Um and Ah, yeah, they're they're They're like, if you go up by colony Farm, my thinking fine. Quit if you around the little walkway around there in some areas, you just got, ah, kind of, Ah, identify where the where the patches

spk_0:   24:14
earned stuff. Ah, I'm sure you can still even trail up there in the colony farm.

spk_1:   24:20
Well, actually, I've been over across from where the old Riverview facility was and raid over there. I guess it's pit River Road. I think they've done a huge huge enhancement all on the quit one river there. And they've joined up the actual colony farm area with the whole nature power that follows the river all the way up to pit River road there. And they have an extensive network that's excellent for biking. And you want to get over a nice little brisk walk or go for a nation. Buddy cried. It's all nice flight area and the bird watching there is absolutely phenomenal. They've created so much wildlife habitat there you can walk so that perk and see you know, 30 different species of bird there and day pretty easily

spk_0:   25:11
Nice. Sounds nice. I have to get there definitely Well, that's all the time we have for today. I would like to thank Paul for joining for another bid show in a great conversation. Thank you guys, from the bottom of my heart to everybody who listens supports the show. Everyone has checked out the online store and purchase some really cool T shirts and hoodies, except it's all on really appreciate it. If you hadn't had a chance, please do so. Link is in the description Oh, and always came for life. Official website Coming soon Always game for life dot com It will be full of lots of great stuff, such as all episodes blog's of upcoming shows like Guess we Will Have on some of the things we will be touching on great contests and maybe even great give aways. So please stay tuned for always came for life dot com. Before I go, please don't forget to hit me up on all the platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, instagram, etcetera. Let me know your thoughts, feelings or maybe even do me great ideas for the show. Feel free to drop them in. Thank you again for all 11 support. That's all greatly appreciated. Love you, everybody. Stacy.